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What means top dressing and its results
Characteristics : amendment to use for top dressing
Steps for top dressing

TOP DRESSING: The first step to a complete, professional and ecological lawn care maintenance program

Definition of Top dressing
Top dressing involves the direct application of a layer of compost and/or other organic matter to grass. The thickness of this layer varies according to need but generally, we recommend a thickness of around 1/8 of an inch or 4 millimetres.

Top dressing using compost
Top dressing using compost offers several advantages which are found in other fertilizing and grass maintenance methods.

With respect to fertilization, the application of only one layer of compost fulfills between 50 and 100 percent of the annual fertilizing needs of your lawn. Compost is the only slow releasing soil amendment containing all of the necessary nutrients to maintain balanced levels of:

· Macro-elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
· Micro-elements: iron, sulphur, manganese
· Oligo-elements: copper, boron

Soil structure
Soil structure is extremely important and is directly related to the soil-air-water-grass relationship. A well structured soil will better retain water and fertilizing elements. Compost improves soil structure as the intake of compost will allow the soil to be more porous while furthering the transfer of gases and the development of new roots.

Microbial activity
The application of compost stimulates microbial activity in the soil. Microbial activity is particularly important for the health of the grass. Excessive use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer may weaken the microbial activity, in addition to acidifying the soil.

Thatch decomposition
The micro-organisms present in compost will transform the thatch into an organic matter absorbed by the lawn.

Neutral pH
The organic matter contained in compost (around 60%), acts as a reserve, holding micronutrients until needed and allowing a more balanced pH level.

In summary, the characteristics of top dressing make it the first step to a professional, complete, and ecological maintenance program. Top dressing corrects several problems at their source and allows for healthy soil and grass.

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