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What means top dressing and its results
Characteristics : amendment to use for top dressing
Steps for top dressing

Steps for top dressing:

· Choose the appropriate amendment mixture according to the nature of the soil;
· Determine the location to be top dressed. Please note that you cannot top dress an area that is not drained properly;
· Mow the grass at a height of 2 inches;
· Perform, if necessary, a soil aeration by coring;
· Reseed if appropriate;
· Proceed to top dressing;
· Use a rake to incorporate the amendment to the grass. Please note that you can water the grass in order for the compost to be assimilated more rapidly.

When to top dress and how frequently
It is possible to top dress at any time during the growing season, however, it is not recommended during heat waves.

The two factors that determine the frequency of top dressing are:
· Use of lawn
· Type of soil

Within the framework of an ecological fertilization program, we recommend top dressing every year for poorly structured soils, less often for better structured soils.

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